Building our Village 🌈

Building our Village 🌈


Welcome, in this blog you will read facts about sensory and child development, sensory/messy play ideas, general mama chit chat, messy mama hacks and *fingers crossed* some amazing guest features plus so much more. Whatever your reason for being here I welcome you with arms wide open and truly hope you love these words and the little community we are building through our blog. 

For those who dont know me personally, My name is Lily, I’m 28 years old and was born and raised in Regional Victoria. Im a wife & a proud mama of two little ladies. I am passionate about Early Years learning & development and have always dreamed of working with young children in some capacity. You can read a little more about me over at our about me page

It was almost 2 years ago when Victoria was plunged into lockdown, visions of mass graves and scared, sick people were being shown on every mainstream media channel. We were about to be shown a new way of living, locked up in our homes and told “we are all in this together”. Now, I love a good debate about politics and the management of this global pandemic however, I’m not here to chat about that today.

What I want to focus on is that exact quote we heard over and over. We are all in this together. Those words hurt, deeply tear a whole in the core of my being. For the last two years I have spoken with so many others who feel the same sense of abandonment and loneliness as I. As someone who suffers from anxiety, the need to connect becomes a desperate fight against my own mind, after so long I wasn’t even sure I knew how to be around actual humans again. I love the idea of connection, deep wholesome conversations and pivotal encounters but being alone for so long made that feel really really hard. 

Coming in to 2022 I feel the pull more than ever to create and connect and though part of me is scared to push through the comfort of solidarity, I can see the glimmer of sunlight shining through the other side and the abundance it has to offer. To me this feels far more exciting than the discomfort and anxiety I feel in this very beginning stage. 

I know blogs are a little outdated but I wanted to use this space to open up, share, connect and create that community so many of us are currently lacking. Although short fast-paced videos are the way of the future (& I believe an excellent tool for businesses) it just doesn’t feel organic to me to connect in that way.

I am a notorious over-thinker and over-sharer, as well as being quite intense and passionate, this combination of attributes often leads me to some awkward encounters. I feel that when I am able to sit and freely write I am able organise my thoughts a little better and it feels natural to share in this way.  I would love this online space to be filled with love, encouragement, laughter and support. A place to share our highest highs and lowest lows, a place free from judgement and fear. A place where we are able to communicate on a level people only dream about. This to me is community. Our own little village.

My heart feels full pouring these words out and I hope they are received with the same love and excitement I feel as I sit here writing openly. I know life has been crazy and full of surprises but maybe we shouldn’t expect any less. Maybe we are supposed to embrace the messy and get to know ourselves and each other in this deep survival mode and push ourselves to learn more about ourselves and our connection with not only ourselves but each other, the earth. What is our connection to the deep, wild unknown.   

I will never apologise for being too intense or too much for some people, I hope you find peace in knowing that it has taken me years to feel brave enough to share these words and the feeling associated with them, I’m giving myself permission to let go of the limiting beliefs I let hold me back for so long and I hope you can do the same too. 


I’m going to leave it here for now. I hope this is the beginning of something absolutely magical. Thank you for the constant support and love. 

Lily 🌈

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P.S Stay tuned for next weeks blog which will be all about Valentines Day with your little sensory seekers 💛

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Love this lil, also you will 100% never be too much for this mama. We adore your family & hope that when the dust settles and your tunnel out feels bright we will be able to enjoy your company in the sunshine xx our girls will adore each other I’m sure xx

Claudia Caldwell

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