About Lil’ Bloom Box


I’m so excited you want to know more about us.

My name is Lily, I am the sole owner of this little business, although the team includes all my nearest and dearest, who help me cut, glue, source materials, test and try all my crazy ideas. I am a mama of two beautiful, sensory seeking little ladies. We are based in Regional Victoria, just a few hours drive from Melbourne. 

I’m very passionate about early years learning and development, having children of my own has only exacerbated my desire to share these passions and joys. My studies in Early Childhood Education and Care were put on hold during the lockdowns in 2020 and are yet to be resumed - a story for another day. 

The first sensory kit I made my eldest, back in 2017, was a bowl of rice with a cup and a few plastic bugs, she played there for hours daily. So I started to get more creative, adding colour and scents, more texture and experimented with different elements. This is where it all started for me. My soul lit up and the thought of creating something magical for her and watching her tiny fingers explore these creations made my heart sing. These sensory kits were absolutely my saving grace when pregnant with our second child and even more so when she was a newborn. This is when I started to think maybe other people could benefit from easy access to sensory play. Little to no prep and easy to swap or change out to refresh. 

Fast forward a year or so, our baby had grown and for reference is type of sensory seeker who likes to rub butter or sudo cream from head to toe, or pour flour all over the kitchen floor - we all know a child who is notorious at getting messy and showing no remorse. This is my sweet little V, now 3 years old. We could all learn a thing or two from a 3 year old, I love the way they see magic in every thing and embrace the messy chaos. 

The years leading up too 2020 I planned and dreamed about starting this little business and community to share my passion and creations, however living in a small 2 bedroom house meant we simply didn’t have the space, so when we moved house mid 2020 and our new house had the most perfect little studio to set up LBB. Being in lockdown, it gave me a positive focus and sprinkled some much needed magic on our hard days.

I truly believe this is just the beginning for this little community, we have so many exciting things set to bloom in 2022.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know LBB and the passionate mama behind it all. If you have any further questions please feel free to email me on Lily@lilbloombox.com 

Lily x