Events & Hire FAQ

Events and Hire FAQs

Some of our frequently asked questions are answered below for your convenience.

What size and height are your tables?
Our tables are 90cms across the widest part, trays may be placed on the ground alone, or on our adjustable stands (35cm at its lowest and 50cm at its hieghest).

What age group are LBB parties suitable for?
Our parties are suitable for ages 12 months up. All our products can be adapted to suit all abilities.

What happens at a sensory party?
Sensory parties are the next big thing for our little people. Your event will include elements to engage the childrens senses, via touch, taste, smell, sight and touch. Our trays will be set up in a safe space for children to explore and play, this can be the main event or an addition to your standard party games or play ground equipment. 

What to expect on event day?
We will arrive a minimum of an hour before your event starts to set up and prepare tables for the arrival of guests. We will leave you to party and enjoy the fun and arrive back at a pre-arranged time to begin packing up and cleaning the space. 

How do I book my event? 

For all bookings head back to our events and hire page and fill in the form (this will send us an email and we will reply and have this booked in asap)