Terms and Conditions of Messy Sessions

Supervision Policy:

Parents/Carers must take full responsibility for the safety and close supervision of their children while attending a session. Your children are not under the supervision of Lil’ Bloom Box, although Lily will be actively interacting, you are responsible for supervision of your child. Upon arrival at your session you will sign a waiver that states your personal responsibility for your child during the session.

Consumption of products:

Although we strive for taste safe options, not all of our sensory bases are taste safe, this means they are not designed for consumption, please do not let your child eat these materials. If your child is still mouthing things or is especially interested in tasting things, please get in touch upon booking so we are able to make sure the bases are as taste safe as possible.


Please advice us prior to your session if your child has any allergies / Anaphalaxis and we will do our best to cater to this (due to the hand made nature of our products we cannot guarantee traces of products).

Clothing & Property:

Our sessions are designed to be messy, please dress your child in clothes that are suitable for messy play. Lil’ Bloom Box takes no responsibility for clothes or property that are stained, marked or otherwise damaged. 

Please note - you are responsible for the clean up of your own child. We will have some wipes, paper towel and will have running water and toilets on site. 

Refunds/Cancellation Policy:

Lil’ Bloom Box takes no responsibility should you fail to attend your session, this includes illness related. Due to the cost of materials and hire fees we do not offer refunds. If you get in touch with us 72 hours prior  to your session we may be able to offer a session transfer (this will offer you a new date to attend, but will depend on our bookings). If you have any issues with attending or any questions regarding our refund policy please contact us at Lily@lilbloombox.com

Health is priority for our group, please do not attend a session if you or your child is unwell. We reserve the right to ask you to leave a session should you display symptoms that may be contagious to others.  

Lil’ Bloom Box reserves the right to cancel a session due to unforeseen circumstances. All participants will be contacted as soon as possible and a session transfer will be provided. 

Photography and social media: 

We will be taking some photos and short videos during sessions, with your consent. These may be used for promotional purposes across our website and social media platforms and flyers, please let us know if you are not wanting yourself or your child photographed. 

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email and a seperate email with a few questions about your child (ie. age, allergies and whether your child is still mouthing things) this will assist me in making sure the session has suitable and safe play options for your children. Please reply to this email as promptly as you can, if email is an issue please contact via instagram DM.